CES-MED Help Desk Services

CES-MED help desk is a resource intended to provide our partner municipalities with information and support regarding their adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors and in designing and implementing their SEAPs. The purpose of CES-MED's help desk is to troubleshoot problems and to provide guidance through the whole SEAP process. We will give support to municipalities through various channels, including websites, telephone, instant messaging, or email.

The help desk will act as an ambassador of EU policies and will disseminate best practices in urban sustainable policies and clean energy in the ENP South region. The help desk is open to any stakeholder or third party with an interest in local/urban sustainability policies, the CoM and urban development. 

First line questions of technical and administrative nature will be directly responded to in Arabic, French or English. Important sources of information are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers that are already available on the CoM website, as well as the SEAP Guidelines and technical JRC documents.

Questions that cannot be answered directly (e.g. by phone) by the help desk staff will be forwarded to the pool of experts who are fully up-to-date with the latest developments. Questions requiring technical interpretation or not foreseen will be forwarded to the JRC. The JRC response will be translated as/if required for the questioner. 

A set of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ) will be gradually developed and expanding jointly by both help desks.

Only for questions beyond the scope of the help desk (incl. pool of experts and JRC) the questioner may be referred to the appropriate place for the answer to his/her question. CES-MED will respond to help desk questions within 24 hours (weekend hours excluded) after their receipt (by email). If finding an answer will take longer than 24 hours, this will be duly communicated to the questioner within the period of 24 hours. 

The help desk functions will be an integral part of the support activities that aim to sign up to CoM, to developing the Baseline Emissions Inventory and to drafting the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (also see Component 1). Help desk experience with issues of special interest or issues that obviously raise many questions will feed back into the different workshop activities and the information and awareness-raising activities of the Consultant under this project.



CES-MED Project provides Two Help desk services assistance:

In Maghreb for the following countries:
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine and Israel.

Rabat help desk - Morocco

Address: 285 avenue Mohamed V Rabat, 10 000, Morocco
Tel/Fax: + (212) 5 37 708 746

In Mashrek for the following countries:
Libya, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.

Beirut help desk - Lebanon

Address: 2nd Floor, Bloc B, 1340 Bldg, Lycée Français Strt, Adib Ishak Main Road, Achrafieh, Beirut-Lebanon
Tel./Fax : +961 13 27 283

Availablity of Service

Help Desk services are available during the following hours of operation: Monday to Friday : 8:30 a.m. to 12 :30 p.m. and 02 :30 p.m to 06 :30 p.m Hours of operation are subject to change. Any modifications to this schedule will be announced through the CES-MED website.

For issues that arise when the Help Desk staff is unavailable or if all representatives are busy assisting other clients, please leave a request by voice mail or email. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Assistance Options

  • If we are not available when you call, please leave a voice mail. We will return your call by the end of the day.
  • Direct contact and support by one of CES-MED Key Experts.
  • Request assistance by email. We will respond to your email by the end of the business day.
  • Visiting one of our two offices in Rabat or Beirut.
  • Reading the frequently asked questions on the CES-MED web site
  • Visiting CoM website here

Phone Assistance

If calls are placed during manned hours, the help desk will make every effort to answer before they roll to voice mail. Our goal is to pick up 100% of the incoming calls within the first 4 rings. Of course, there are times when every Help Desk technician is either on the phone or busy with other tasks. Our workload is also very cyclical depending upon our activities. During most working days, voice mail calls are responded to within an hour.

It helps us, if you could provide us with the following information when responding to the answer machine.

  • Name
  • Phone number and best time to be reached.
  • A brief description of the problem.