Ensuring Helpdesk and COMO’s functions

The aim of CES-MED is to provide a help desk for the Maghreb and Mashreq region to all the communes desiring to sign and enter the Covenant of Mayors program. Those two help desks are based in Rabat and Beirut will ensure assistance and guidance through:

  • Help prepare SEAP Templates and guidelines
  • Liaise with potential Coordinators/Covenant Supporters and networks
  • Liaise and coordinate with other EU and donors' initiatives and investigating opportunities for funding the development and implementation of the SEAPs
  • Overview of EU and other donors ‘ initiatives
  • Identified potential to finance actions in several countries

Rabat help desk - Morocco

Address: 285 avenue Mohamed V Rabat, 10 000, Morocco
+ (212) 5 37 708 746
Fax: + (212) 5 37 708 746

Beirut help desk - Lebanon

Address: 2nd Floor, Bloc B, 1340 Bldg, Lycée Français Strt, Adib Ishak Main Road, Achrafieh, Beirut-Lebanon
Tel./Fax: +961 13 27 283