The “Beirut Bike Sharing System” event was launched in the capital of Lebanon to cut down traffic and pollution.

On Sunday 30 of April 2017, thousands of bicycles took part in a cycling tour, organised by the Municipality of Beirut, to mark the start a self-service bikes in the city. 
The launch of the event took place under the patronage and presence of Mr. Saad Hariri Prime Minister of Lebanon. Mr. Hairiri participated in the bike ride and pledged to organise car-free days to prioritise cycling in the city. 
The ceremony was also attended by Beirut’s Governor - Mr. Ziad Shabib, the Mayor of Beirut - Mr. Jamal Itani, members of the Municipal Council, the President of the French-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, representatives from the Board of Directors of "Bike for all" Jawad Sbeiti and Wassam Shdeed and sponsored by the Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon (IBL). As a concrete result of the CES-MED project in Lebanon, the event also marked the start for the implementation of awareness activities envisaged in Beirut’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). 
The establishment of a "Beirut Bicycle-friendly city", in cooperation with the Municipality of Beirut and the organisers from "Bike 4 all ", aims to encourage the adoption of bicycles as an environmentally friendly means of transport, to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution. The service will allow users to rent and return bicycles at automated stations distributed across the city. The bicycle-sharing service is believed to attract more tourists as well. 
Around half a million cars clog Beirut's streets on a daily basis, according to municipal experts, causing enormous traffic jams and contributing to air pollution. 
Currently, the “Beirut Bike Sharing System” project operates 10 stations and separate tracks for bicycles, with a vision to expand the bike-sharing service in Lebanon. Byblos has also joined the bike programme and there are plans to expand it to other coastal cities, including Tripoli and Batroun in the north, and Sidon and Tyre in Lebanon's south.
Before the launch of the cycling tour event in Lebanon, the CES-MED experts met Eng. Issam Kaskass, Advisor to the Governor of Beirut Judge Ziad Shabib, for a preparation meeting in his office. 
They discussed the launch of a public awareness campaign on the importance of using the bike sharing service and the importance of establishing a long-term strategy for better mobility in the city.
CES-MED’s Communication expert - Ms. Myriam Makdissi and Malek Mardam, office manager in Lebanon, met also with Mr. Antoine Syriani, Member of Beirut Municipality, Mr. Mohamed Al-Hariri, Mr. Wissam Shdeed, Mr. Jawad Sbeity and Eng. Majid Hashem Coordinator of the CES-MED project, Ministry of Interior - General Directorate of Municipalities.