9 more months to go for CES-MED! The “Cleaner Energy Saving Mediterranean Cities” (CES-MED) project has been granted a second extension

The European Commission has granted CES-MED a second project extension, for a duration of nine months, as of July 2017. Our team of experts will thus continue delivering technical assistance to national and local authorities, cities and municipalities in eight countries until April 2018. 
This new and third phase will assure the consolidation and completion of ongoing actions and will hence contribute to sustaining CES-MED actions and results beyond the duration of the project. 
Along the coming nine months, CES-MED will take concrete steps towards the funding of a number priority projects, to be selected from those prescribed in the prepared 23 SEAPs and SECAPs. This will provide pilot demonstration financing examples, and will help define best replicable future funding schemes, tailored to each country. 
The CES-MED team greatly values the partnership and constant support that has been assured by the project’s focal points, representatives of national authorities, municipal and cities’ staff and many other stakeholders who continue to contribute with their dedication in the implementation of our challenging and common mission. 
We are looking forward to continuing working with all peers and parties, asserting that progress can only be achieved with their partaking and dedicated involvement.