CES-MED Cities showcased at the COP23 as successful initiatives aiming to tackle climate change in the South-Med region

CES-MED participated at the COP23 held on November 17, in Bonn, Germany, along the EU’s day event “Partnerships between cities, regions, and national governments for accelerating climate action”.

A delegation of five representatives of local authorities and team members, including the Governor of the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt, the mayors of the cities of Menjez and Batloun in Lebanon, the representatives of the cities of Oujda in Morocco and Hebron in Palestine took part in the event.

The delegates were accompanied by CES-MED’s Team Leader, Naguib Amin and the Project Manager, Nadya Boneva. 

Major Gen. Ahmed Abdallah, Governor of the Red Sea Governorate– has presented the experience working with CES-MED Project, with emphasis on the City of Hurghada, the capital city of the Governorate. The Red Sea Governorate is associated to CES-MED and has successfully prepared its SECAP.
Mr. Abdallah outlined also the challenges faced by the Governorate, the policy and plans set to apply Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions, including two main Solar Energy and Wind Energy projects. The Governor stressed on the commitment taken by the region through its association to the CES-MED project, noting that the Red Sea Governorate is the first local authority in Egypt to commit to fight Climate Change through well detailed actions in a comprehensive SECAP. 
Gen. Abdallah presented also the priority action as part of the SECAP for the Governorate: 

- Preparation of an Urban Sustainable Mobility Master Plan;

- Transform seaports and marina to operate by renewable energy sources. 

- Convert tourists’ boats that use fossil fuel, to operate by natural gas.

- Convert hotels to operate by natural gas and use solar water heating systems. 

- Develop solar energy plants in the Southern region of the Governorate of Red Sea 

- Enhancing the visual and aesthetic image & the landscaping of Hurghada. 

- Launching Awareness Campaigns that involves various stakeholders. 

The participation of the Oujda Commune was also very effective at COP 23 and the contribution at the international event was beneficial for the commune’s visibility, its sustainable energy strategy, the planned and fulfilled actions for climate mitigation, but also in the area of adaptation to climate change.
Mr. Adnane El Ghazi, Head of Planning, Environment and Sustainable Development department of Oujda, expressed to donors, including international banks, the city’s desire to establish flexibility mechanisms in order to attract international funding and implement all the actions included in strategic axis 2 (Environment and Sustainable Energy) of the project Action Plan of the Commune (PAC project) Oujda 2017 - 2022.
The commune had prepared a new pamphlet for the COP 23 event, which was widely distributed during the three days of participation and represented an important role in the communication and visibility efforts during this global event.
Mr. Mohamed Sefiani, mayor of Chefchaouen, Morocco, which is another CES-MED partner commune, promoted integrated planning and the implementation of climate actions through cooperation with CES-MED. 
In his presentation, Mr. Sefiani reiterated the commitment of the municipality to foster actions which will help building a low-carbon and climate resilient future on local level and South Mediterranean Region, with the project support.  
All participants in the session agreed that the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy can provide other regions of the world with new opportunities to tap into the European experience, but can also offer European local and regional authorities the chance to learn from their counterparts in other continents.