CES-MED held a three-day Training of Trainers Workshop in the city of Rabat in Morocco

The CES-MED project organized a three-days’ training course in the capital city Rabat from the 29 to 31st of March in co-operation with the AMEV (Moroccan Association for Eco-cities) and in collaboration with the IDE-E consultants, "Green City" program (GiZ, JihaTinou, AMEE), and the Joint Research Center in Ispra (JRC), the science and knowledge service of the European Commission and the Council of the Covenant of Mayors (CoM).
The training brought together many Moroccan municipalities as well as representatives of the DGCL, the FEC, the EIB, universities and consulting firms as well as the evaluation mission of the Morocco / EU cooperation in the field of energy, in order to better prepare the elaboration of the PAED approach in Morocco.
This workshop was organized in two sessions: the first day of the workshop was intended to address the presidents of Moroccan communes and explain the project activities and the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) approach, as well as to promote adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors. 
The workshop during the second day was addressed to municipal technicians and engineering executives to increase their abilities to prepare and/or delegate the preparation of SEAPs.
The main outcome of the training was to raise awareness and explain to 15 presidents of municipalities the principles and objectives of the CoM and the SEAP and to train the technical staff of these municipalities in the Baseline Emission Inventories techniques (BEI) and modalities for the formulation of priority actions in the SEAP.
The training also allowed the presentation of other energy planning tools and examples as implemented in Morocco, including national energy strategies.
Following the training, many recommendations were proposed during exchanges between Presidents of the municipalities, such as:
  • Promoting the rallies to the CoM of the mobilized communes during the training and a cooperation with the AMEV for its members: Sending of the CES-MED memorandum to the concerned municipalities, assistance of the Rabat office to address the rally form and the decision of the council authorizing the president to rally the CoM and translations of new CoM documents into Arabic
  • Increased coordination with the FEC for the development of the action fiches
  • CES-MED/ UPFI mechanism meeting during the exploratory mission (April 2017)
  • Coordination with the EIB in the ongoing discussions with the FEC
  • Participation in the training program for engineering department ("green city") in order to promote the establishment of a national offer for the BEI and the SEAP
  • Providing a presentation visit to municipalities that do not have the support of AMEV (Tangiers, Beni Mellal) to present the project
  • Supporting the AMEV in its training or funding research activities with the EU in the framework of future AAP project

This training follows the recommendations of the National Conference in Morocco - SEAP CES-MED, which was held in July 2016. 

Since its launch in 2013, the CES-MED project has been involved in Morocco in coordination with the MEMEE to support three pilot Moroccan municipalities in their adherence to the Covenant of Mayors, the preparation of their SEAPs and the enhancement of the priority actions in their plans.