CES-MED Information Day in Ghardaia, Algeria on June 7th 2017

Following the information days held during the last quarter of 2016, for the Algerian communes - Algiers for the central region, Oran for the west and Annaba for the eastern region, the CES-MED project is organizing on 7 June in Ghardaia an information day on the Covenant of Mayors initiative (CoM) and the new energy planning tools available to communes (SECAPs) for the benefit of local authorities in the south of Algeria.

This day is convened in partnership with the APRUE and in association with the R20 program, the Ghardaia Peoples Communal Assembly (APC)  and the local authorities; it will be hosted at the Ghardaia APC headquarters and will bring together several local authorities from the wilayas of Ghardaïa, Laghouat and Ouargla.

Its objective is to present the latest results of the CES-MED project in Algeria and at the regional level, to promote the CoM at the three Wilayas level and to encourage the rallies of the communes to join the Covenant of Mayors.This initiative follows the three pilot actions conducted by the project and the APRUE with the communes of Batna, Sidi-Bel-Abbès and Boumerdès (preparation of their BEI and SEAPs) and aims at initiating the preparation of the SECAPs in order to study the feasibility of inter-communal energy planning action in Algeria.