CES-MED launches a new training for the SEAPs in Batna, Algeria

The CES MED project continues its activities related to the consolidation of its achievements in favour of the Communal Popular Assembly (APC) in environmental planning, energy and climate resilience.
In the lights of this logic, the project will start, on 19 and 20 December 2017, a training and monitoring evaluation of a grouped SEAP in the Daira of Batna and will assist the municipalities according to the instructions that the Wilaya of Batna received from the National authorities. It should be noted that the three CES-MED pilot cities have been positively assessed by the Algerian National authorities and that their replication is under study by the APRUE.
The activities initiated in Batna will be spread over 4 months and will involve the training of executives and energy experts from the selected communes as well as the launch of BEI studies and action plans of these communes.The objective of the project is to develop a second tool which is the grouped SECAPs, that responds to a need identified by the National Authorities and communicated by the Communal Popular Assembly.
The three Communal Popular Assemblies of Ghardaia will also participate in this training, following the awareness seminar to the SEAP methodology and the Covenant of Mayors held last May.
The two-day Batna training will be performed in collaboration with the APRUE and the University of Blida. The speakers will be Mr. Kamel Dali, Project Director at the APRUE, Mr. Menouère Boughedaoui (University of Blida) and Mr. Pierre Couté, Maghreb Senior Expert to the project. Batna energy team officers will also share their successful experience in the preparation of the SEAPs together with their counterparts in other communes.
On this occasion, the project will produce a simplified BEI and SECAP model that will be tested for the Batna Communal Popular Assembly, which will be improved if necessary, and then valued by the APRUE as part of its national Communal policy.