CES-MED representative participate to the UfMS Informal Brainstorming Workshop

On November 28, 2017, CES-MED key expert in Palestine, Eng. Abou Halaweh participated on behalf of the project to the UfMS Informal Brainstorming Workshop, under the title: “How to support local authorities’ efforts in energy efficiency and climate change?” held at the UfM secretariat headquarters in Barcelona.

During the meeting, Eng. Abou Halaweh explained the steps that were covered in the preparation of the SEAPs and presented related success stories in Palestine.

He also shared relevant information on the efforts undertaken during the preparation of technical parameters, setting the objectives, the costs and showcased the results in terms of energy savings and renewable energy production, CO2 emission reduction; the financial and human resources used; setbacks and specific strategies to overcome the difficulties encountered.