CES-MED takes part in the side event “The European Union in Action: Implementing the Paris Agreement in the Southern Mediterranean”, at Marrakech COP 22

On Tuesday 15 November 2016 in the EU Pavilion, a presentation of EU Climate Change Projects in Southern Mediterranean countries took place from 2:30 PM till 4:00 PM. 
The topic focused on how the major part of the future transformation will take place in cities and urban communities, and how the actions to stall and reverse the climate change will have to be implemented at city level, under the participation of all relevant stakeholders, through the cooperation of the EU European Neighbourhood Initiative (ENI 2014 -2020) programme with the southern Mediterranean countries.
Mr. Michael Köhler, Director Neighbourhood South, European Commission, DG for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations opened the session with an overview of the pollution situation in South Mediterranean cities and the climate change. 
He pointed at the importance of the work done on national, regional and local level through EU-funded projects in the region, seeking to implement Sustainable Energies on local levels, and mentioned CES-MED and SUDEP support to municipalities.
Mr. Köhler higlighted also the importance of partnerships between North/South and also South/South countries. He also announced the forthcoming launch of MED CoM and the EU support to that action.
Mr. Jorge Borrego, Head of Division – Energy and Climate Change, Union for the Mediterranean exposed three main points of focus in their policy (Developing economy, creating jobs and empowering women).
He highlighted the UfM involvement on regional level and announced the launch for major instruments to finance projects in the region and to provide capacity for putting projects together.
The team leaders of the four EU funded projects: Facility for Regional Policy Dialogue on Climate Change, Clima South, CES-MED and SUDEP gave an overview of their projects’ activities in the different countries at regional, local and national level - and promoted future actions and developments.
Mayors and beneficiaries from the different affiliated municipalities, national and regional stakeholders and EU officials were present in the audience.
Naguib Amin, Team leader of the “Cleaner Energy Saving Mediterranean Cities” (CES-MED), presented the project from the deliverables and results perspective, the participative way of working with the national and local authorities, the collaboration with the JRC, the past and coming workshops, and also described the preparation of a SEAP report.
Discussions followed with the audience and Mr. Sefiani, Mayor of Chefchaouen, promoted the importance and impact of SUDEP and CES-MED on the achievements in his city and expressed the need for a continuity of the activities.
Mr. Nicola Di Pietrantonio summed up what CES-MED and Clima South team leaders have said on the Support Mechanism and the effort on leadership of the ministries of environment and energy to make each project embedded in the country.