CES-MED third series of workshops in Egypt

The CES-MED project organised on May 14 in Luxor and May 15 in Hurghada a two-day workshop on the SECAPs methodology. The first event in Luxor was attended by the governorate representatives from the environment, agriculture, transportation, and electricity sectors who went through a presentation and discussion on the collected BEI data. 
Planned actions concepts in other CES-MED beneficiary cities were presented as examples to guide the selection process of the priority action fiches in Luxor Governorate, focusing mainly on Luxor city, the capital and the West Bank, one of the most important World heritage site. 
Moreover, the strategic vision already identified few months ago was employed to conduct the action fiches development process; and further challenges were exhibited through the satellite village pilot study, Al-Qurna in the West Bank. Open discussions followed concerning the highly-needed awareness campaigns and mainly the urge for a comprehensive strategy for urban & rural development strategy, including an effective heritage site management plan. 
This later point being a prerequisite to mitigate risk of degradation in the West Bank and Qurna (one of the most important, internationally renowned heritage site in the World) A report on this issue shall be raised to H.E. the governor. Coordination with the CES-MED finance expert shall be made for better definition of project fiches by June.  
The second workshop in Hurghada was inaugurated and presided by H.E. General Abdelfattah Tamam, Secretary General of the Governorate of Red Sea; Several governorate representatives from all different municipal sectors attended the event.
Presentation and discussion on Outcomes of the collected BEI data were discussed with the participants and project fiches templates were explained; planned actions in other CES-MED beneficiary cities were provided as potential examples to guide the selection process of the priority actions, focusing mainly on Hurghada city, the capital. 
After which, the development strategy of the Red Sea Governorate was discussed. It was agreed on the modalities to go ahead with the SECSP preparation.