CES-MED took part in the 3rd SCM in the SUDEP project, hosted by the UfM

CES-MED joined the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting of the SUDEP South SM, hosted by the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) in Barcelona (3-4 May 2017).  More than 50 participants, representing the six countries from the South Mediterranean (Morocco, Tunisia, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan) gathered during two days in Barcelona. 

The event brought together officials from the European Commission, Ms. Irène Mingasson, Head of Unit, Regional Programmes Neighbourhood South, (DG NEAR) at the European Commission, representatives of the UFM, team leaders from other EU initiatives such as Mr. Naguib Amin, CES-MED team leader and Mr. Kurt Wiesegart - MED-ENEC and national and regional stakeholders from the participating countries.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss and share the lessons learned from the latest SUDEP project implementation in the municipalities.  

Mr. Naguib Amin contributed to open the discussion on the future steps to be taken in the region with regards to energy efficiency and smarter cities (one of CES-MED affiliated municipality have already applied and successfully obtained funding for energy actions under the SUDEP project) as well as financing future municipal actions; assuring support of national authorities (including through facilitating access to funds and loans to local authorities) and altogether paving the way to the upcoming EU Energy and Climate programme.

The activities and progress of SUDEP SM were discussed as interacting with those of CES-MED; this was an opportunity to tackle the next steps to be taken towards promoting more efficient, greener and smarter cities in the South Mediterranean region.

On the second day, a field visit to the city of Granollers (signatory of the Covenant of Mayors) was organised to show to participants the new street public lighting with LED bulbs and the geothermal installation in the city museum.

The SUDEP-South project started its activities in early 2015 and covers 12 cities in 6 countries of the South Mediterranean region. The overall objective of the SUDEP Programme is to assist local authorities on responding to sustainable energy challenges.