Lebanon hosts the 8th edition of the Beirut Energy Forum

For the 8th year in a row, Lebanon welcomes “energypreneurs” from all over the world for the 2017 edition of the International Beirut Energy Forum (IBEF).

The event was organised from 18 to 20 September 2017 and gathered engineers, bankers, decision makers, state representatives and high-level officials to share experiences, develop right policies and reliable technical solutions for the sustainable future of the planet.

The synergy it has gained throughout the years, has made this event a landmark for the sustainable energy sector, as it event has enabled regional cooperation as well as international collaboration. 
This year, among the different discussion panels of the event, a special session entitled “Il Mare Nostrum: Fostering the Euro-Med Cooperation” focused on the different initiatives of the European Union and ways to nurture a strong cooperation for the years to come.
Ms. Irène Mingasson, Head of Unit Regional Cooperation Neighborhood South, DG NEAR, European Commission, delivered the opening statement at this session.
Mr. Cyril Dewaleyne, Energy and Climate Change Programme Manager, DG Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations took part of it as well (agenda for the event).
In this session, views from national and international players were presented, among them the CES-MED and SUDEP projects. SUDEP participated in the discussion panel and shared the work done in the implementation of its demonstration projects; and Climasouth, another EU funded initiative presented its outcomes on the project’s main achievements.
CES-MED Team leader, Naguib Amin, showcased the project experience, its implementation, progresses and lessons learned in the eight South-Mediterranean countries covered by the project, with a highlight on the benefits for Lebanon; while Osama Kassamani, the project Energy Expert took part of the SUDEP closing event by René Moawad foundation and brought to sight success stories from the synergies created between CES-MED and SUDEP through the lifetime of the projects namely with the municipality of Ardeh, one of SUDEP beneficiary cities;
CES-MED started its activities in January 2013. It was initially set to last three years, but later was extended for 18 months to June 2017 and again for 9 months until April 2018.
The project team has been working towards its main objective, that is to “develop the capacities of local authorities in the ENP-South region to formulate and implement more sustainable local policies, such as those implied by joining the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) and developing the related Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs)”. 
CES- MED’s Partner Cities total 21 cities in seven countries and two Governorates in Egypt.
 More presentations can be downloaded from the website of the Beirut Energy Forum,  on the following link