Morocco launches the preparation of 13 new SECAPs

On 21 and 22 November, the Ministry of Energy and Sustainable Development (MEM) in Rabat held a two-day training session to launch 13 new SECAPs in Morocco.
Organized in collaboration with the Moroccan Association of Eco-Cities (AMEV) and the MEM, this event brought together 13 municipal technical managers mobilized on the energy and climate issues.
The training is subsequent to the awareness raising workshop of presidents of municipalities held previously in Rabat, also organized with AMEV. On the basis of the documents previously submitted, the participants initiated the preparation of the Baseline Emissions Inventory (BEI) for the commune and considered how to link the envisaged actions and investments in the Multiannual Communal Action Plans (MAP) for the planning of the SECAP.
The training was launched by Ms. Maya Aherdan, National Focal Point of the CES MED project in Morocco and Mr. Pierre Couté, Maghreb Senior Project Expert. The training also welcomed the 4 Moroccan communes of the GIZ EDMITA project.
The next meeting, for the finalization of the BEI of the transport sector of the communes, is planned to take place on December 15 . Five new communes of this group have already joined the Covenant of Mayors this semester.