Rachid Enassiri : CES-MED poetic voice in Morocco

The winner in the Environmental Poetry competition in the framework of the COP22 organised by Human Dynamics, Rachid Enassiri is one of the 16 young leaders selected by the European Commission this year to attend the European Development Days - Young Leader Programme. Recently, he has received the award of the “Outstanding Young Person in Morocco in the category of Environmental and Moral Leadership”.  
Mr Enassiri has co-founded the project CulTech: Tamount Space, aimed at keeping and promoting cultural Berber traditions and actions respecting the environment, exploring the role of culture and creativity in responding to climate change challenges. He is seeking to raise awareness about this subject through all artistic forms as well as looking for international collaborations for his projects. 
To Mr Enassiri one of the primary objectives of sustainable development is to design and improve future cities that provide equal opportunities for all citizens without expectations, primarily including access to essential services, such clean water, energy, housing and transport.

‘’The European Union is a partner of Africa and allocates funds to many projects in the region and Morocco.  The CES-MED project (implemented by Human Dynamics Consortium) is one such example. It provides technical assistance to 23 local authorities and the exchange of practices for the development of plans and strategies to solve problems in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water management, waste, public transport, mobility, and sustainable urban planning.’’ 

Mr Enassiri will participate in a high-level panel under the topic harnessing opportunities for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Ms Hakima El Haite, Special Envoy for Climate Change from the Kingdom of Morocco and UN High-Level Climate Champion, Mr Jonathan Taylor, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank and other high-level speakers who will be attending the panel. 
The session will be held on 8th June 2017 (14:30 to 16:00, Auditorium A1, Commission, Tour & Taxis, Brussels) . More details on teh event and the speakers is available on the https://eudevdays.eu website.
(credits for pictures and visuals from EDD2017: European Commission - Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid and Rachid Enassiri )
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