Name Of City/Municipality

Municipal popular assembly of Batna

Region Mouhafaza-District

Aures region 450 km south of Algiers.



Around 350.000 ha (31/12/2013)


85 km2

Name Of Mayor

MAROUK Abdelkarim


Mr. LARIBI Belkacem Général Secretary of Batna

Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

Batna's geographical location offers a natural break through the Atlas Mountains. The Romans did not detect this passage in their early invasion phase.

For its historical character of capital of the Aures region that experienced the first outbreak of the revolution of 1954.

Cultural activities: Berber population known for its customs and its language the “Chaoui “

Cultural activities : Dance and Folklore Chaoui.

Travel : Former colonial city.

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

The city has an industrial zone and a zone of activity of plastic processing, production of building materials, Aluminium and Wood processing and food products, namely milk and derivatives.
Arboriculture. Mainly orchards and olive groves. Breeding; chicken broiler.

Sustainable Development Challenges

Primarily Environmental challenges: sustainable transport, sustainable lighting through the use of renewable and alternative energy.
Economic challenges: reduction of the energy invoice consumption, saving gas and electricity. Reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Energy Conditions / Challenges

Heating and electricity are provided by Sonelgaz, the state monopoly on which the entire city depends. Using solar energy to generate electricity for the common structures through solar panels. Sustainable public lighting.