Name Of City/Municipality

Popular Municipal assembly of Boumerdes

Region Mouhafaza-district - Casa

Region: Kabylie - District: Boumerdes district


41 685 inhabitants  (2008)


19,08 Km2

Name Of Mayor




Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

Boumerdes is a seaside city located in the north of Algeria about 50 km east of Algiers. Its previous name, during French occupation of Algeria, was Rocher Noir, translated from French as Black Rock.
The city is famous as a scientific center, including a number of national institutes and the University of M'hamed Bouguerra. The institutes include the Algerian Petroleum Institute (IAP),  Faculty of Hydroncarbons and Chemistry (FHC), the National Institute for Electricity and Electronics INELEC.

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

The city is known as an industrial center containing the headquarters of Sonatrach Exploration, National Company of Geophysics (ENAGEO), and the Research and Development Center for Sonatrach (CRD).

Sustainable Development Challenges

Reducing the use of fossil fuels, especially oil and the need to develop renewable energy.

Energy Conditions / Challenges

The tourist vocation of the city brings energy constraints and specific urban management. For example, the peak attendance of school periods materializes by over use of existing networks, a larger waste collection and traffic issues. The city is currently exploring with the local university the fabric implementation reflection on environmental urban development of the city and the development of the waterfront.
Similarly, actions towards the civil society are numerous in Boumerdes and subject to special monitoring of the municipal team.
For this reason the city is a good laboratory for the implementation of pilot projects in the field of public awareness and the voluntary sector.