Sidi Bel Abbes

Name Of City/Municipality

Popular municipal assembly of Sidi Bel Abbes

Region Mouhafaza-District -

Western Algeria 80 kilometers from the city of Oran, 60 km from the town of Ain ​​Témouchente, 90 km from the city of Télemcen, 90Km from Masscara, 100 km from the town of Saida (Abbes Sidi Ael is in an important crossroads between these cities)


300 000 capita (250000 permanent residents, 50000 between students and other staff)


9700 Km2.

Name Of Mayor

Djillali Boumelik


+213 669 65 88 60
+213 661 24 25 40

Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

- Agro-pastoral region, tourism, about the eighth largest city in Algeria
- Economically important with two major electronic and mechanical production complexes
- The SBA theater is considered among the best in Algeria
- Another nature theater of 1,200 seats
- A large natural lake (a transition site for migratory birds)
- A large botanical public garden with a mini animal zoo
- A mountain range (Mount Tessala with two centers of summer camp)
- A large attraction park

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

-Mechanically complex (agricultural machinery, combine harvester and derivative)
-E-complex ENIE (making TV + electronic components, solar panel)
-Industrial-Zone with several SMEs, SMIs
-Farms for cattle farming
-Two large dairy complex

Sustainable Development Challenges

To reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees and creating a green belt around the city Tramway Project (modern electric transport)

Energy Conditions / Challenges

Currently, conventional energy with renewable energy solar project