Rosh – Ha'Ayin

Name Of City/Municipality

Rosh – Ha'Ayin


Israel Center

The city is located in Central Israel Region, at the junction of two main corridors, routes number 5 (east-west) and 6 (North- south)




7500 acres

Name Of Mayor

Mr Shalom Ben Moshe



Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

The city benefits from the presence of archaeological sites and historical landmarks buildings including :
- For archaeology the Migdal Tzedek and Even Ha’ezer (Ebenezer) sites.
- For cultural and historic sites: The British army buildings, the Yemenite Jewish heritage house, the Yemen craftsmen house and related activities and every year the Yemen festival (music, traditional craft).
Other touristic attractions and natural sites include the Community forest, the cycle trails, the regional market, and the lake and promenade.

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

The city has largely based its economic development and its activity on the High technology industrial park where more than 100 companies are operating. This draws activities and commuters from the three Regions of the country and supports the development of the municipality.

Sustainable Development Challenges

Rosh Haayin has tripled its population within the last decade. The immigration to the city, very largely originating from abroad is supported by an affirmative municipal policy. This has generated positive and fruitful new interfaces between the ethnic groups and cultures of the city. Furthermore, the influx of new inhabitants has also created new challenges and opportunities due to the large investments made over a short period of time to cope with the population rise. Many efforts were done in the education system, the promotion of the citizen’s well-being, and the restoration of the infrastructures built in the 1950s, which have now become obsolete with the intense population’s growth. Considering the limited budget allocated by the government the building of the municipal budget was not a simple task.
The city is now facing a new challenge with the construction of 14,000 apartment units in the coming 5-8 years and the city expects the population to double within the next ten years.

Energy Conditions / Challenges

The city plans to become a leading actor in Israel within 5 years on city green energy savings through specific approaches in energy efficiency and power consumption limitation. Installation of solar systems in public spaces, including street lighting and installation of electricity-saving mechanism and devices in all urban public institutions are also planned.