Shefa - amer

Name Of City/Municipality

Shefa- amer


Region North of Israel


Almost 40000 inhabitants


Area of Galilee

Name Of Mayor

Mr Ameen Enibtawy


Mr Reyad Husari  - Mayor's Office Director


Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

The city of Shefa-amer has a long recorded history in the very rich area of Galilee and a number of built structures including :
The Daher Omar castle built in 1771 by Osman Bosheth, the son of Daher - Al - Omar who lived there and called the structure then Alkalay fort. The Turks called it a “Saraia "(home rule). The building has now become a community center.

The city main Synagogue is a testimony to the lives of Jews inhabitants of the city for a long time. It is said to be the place that housed the Great Sanhedrin Home. It was recently restored by the Office of Religious Affairs and Housing with assistance from Shefa -Amr Municipality .

The Jewish cemetery is on the mountain slope. Some of the tombstones are destroyed and some would need repairs and accrued maintenance. This is also the burial place of Rabbi Israel MiShklov wife and Yehuda Ben Baba sages of Israel.
The Shefa-Amr Mosque was built in 1815 by the Turkish Pasha Suleiman, and was recently renovated by the local Waqf Committee.

The Catholic Church of St. Peter and Paul (Boutros and Bolus ), was built in its present form in 1904 at the location of the old church bearing the same name . According to scholars the first city church was established in the same place by Othman Ben Dahir Alomr Alzidani (same time as the construction of the fort) and built with a dome shaped vault (now destroyed). The eastern church walls hold paintings from the early XIX century.
The House of Prayer (Alh'ilooh) for the Druze was built in the 15th century and his as well an important landmark in the city

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

According to the official statistics the economic activity is well balanced among the different sectors :
Industry 22%
Public services 22%
Private Co and services 21%
Construction 19%
Transportation 8%
Commerce 8%

Sustainable Development Challenges

We are in advanced planning stages with the Government offices for the development of the city historical sites such as the Old Market, the historic area of spring water and the old castle. For all these projects we expect a sustainable approach to be developed including specific energy management approaches.

Energy Conditions / Challenges

We already did tests and programs related energy savings, it is important for us to improve the energy savings in relation with municipal budget and spending and for public lighting and transport sectors especially.