Name Of City/Municipality

Baakline (town)

Region Mouhafaza-District - Casa

Chouf District- Mount Lebanon Governorate

45km away from Lebanon’s capital Beirut, and 2 km away from Beiteddine which is the center of the Shouf district



Around 17,000


15 km2

Name Of Mayor

Nouha Ghoseini Abou Ajram, President of Municipal Council


Municiplity Building , Baakline Al Shouf, Mount Lebanon , Lebanon


Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

Baakline has a significant historic heritage, with features such as cellars, places of worship, ancient houses and princely residences. Baakline is well known as a summer touristic resort. Baakline is a region with high touristic attraction

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

Baakline has many markets for several kinds of local produce, including olives, olive oil, and local crafts including production of soap. Other food items are locally produced including jam and preserves.

Sustainable Development Challenges

Among the available infrastructure and services are medical centres, hydro-electricity, communication, and schools.

Energy Conditions / Challenges

The town benefits from the governmental electrical resources however, the main road of the town supplied by solar energy system.