Kab Elias

Name Of City/Municipality

Kab Elias - Wadi Ed Delm

Region Mouhafaza - District - Casa

Bekaa Governorate – Zahlé District



The number of population is 45,000 inhabitants


4126 Hectare

Name Of Mayor

Fayad Haidar


03/968543 – 03/894882 – 08/500721


Main Features

Fast growing town, the urban growth is very rapid

Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

The city has the most important official educational complex in the Bekaa region. It includes primary, preparatory, secondary education, vocational and a food industry institute. The city has a very distinctive location between a mountain of 1250 meters of altitude and a valley of 775 meters of altitude

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

Kab Elias - Wadi Ed Delm town is an agricultural town by excellence. It holds the largest and most important vegetable market in the Middle East. It also has a cardboard factory - plastic – conserves - gas filling - gas tanks Industry - dairy and cheese - electrical pillars industry.

Sustainable Development Challenges

Financial – lack of decentralization

Energy Conditions / Challenges

Shortage of lines and feeding planets - daily blackouts - the problem of industrial zones which are not connected to the grid.