Name Of The City/ Municipality

Oujda Urban Municipality


Eastern Region



477.100 Oujda 2004


86 Km2

Name Of The President Of The Urban Municipality

Omar Hejira


Boulevard Mohammed V OUJDA





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Main Features: Cultural Or Historical Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

Monuments in Oujda: Old Medina (Old headquarters of the French Protectorate, first modern primary school in Morocco (Sidi Ziane School), grand mosque, old Hammam, Moulay Slimane Cultural Foundation, etc.), Esplanade Bab Sidi Abdelwahab, Dar Sabti, Recreational Park of Sidi Maafa, Sidi Yahya Oasis, Princess Lalla Aicha Park, Princess Lalla Meryam Museum
Cinema: Oujda organized in 2005 the first North African Film Festival.
Music: Al-Gharnati Classical Music Festival, Rai International Festival, Allawi Reggada
Theatre: Municipal theatre under construction.
Art Gallery: Ziri Ibn Atia Gallery and Al Maghreb Al Arabi Gallery.
Areas for artistic festivities: Ziri Ibn Atia Square, July 9th Square, August 16th Square, March 3rd Square, Sidi Abdelwahab Square, Bab al Gharbi Square, etc.

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agricultural)

Economic activities:

Availability of facilities for industrial investments:

  1. 1. Oujda-Angad Industrial Zone (48ha with 160 plots).
  2. 2. Oujda Business Incubators (7200m² with 64 plots) and Ghar al Baroud Business Incubators (2080 m² with 27 plots)

A science park near Oujda airport (about 12 km from the city of Oujda) Total area: 500 ha
Program for the implementation of Phase 1 of Oujda Technopole:

  1. 1. CleanTech Industrial Park (40ha)
  2. 2. Training campus (36 ha)
  3. 3. SME zone (23 ha)
  4. 4. Retail Park (20 ha)
  5. 5. Tertiary business park (24 ha)

Business activities:
8 kisariats (malls) available
Wholesale markets: vegetables and fruits, slaughterhouses, fish, livestock, inddor, central.

Challenges Of Sustainable Development

Developing a strategic axis around the environment and sustainable development within the Municipal Development Plan (MDP).

Reflecting on the establishment of a future municipal energy strategy through the integration energy considerations focused on RE and EE at the MDP Level.

Contributing to the mitigation of climate change and the sustainability of the local environment through the implementation of a number of environmental and sustainable energy projects.

Energy Conditions / Challenges


The municipality of Oujda is conducting a pilot project at the national level for the development of RE through the treatment and recovery of household waste with sustainable electricity production of about 9MWh per day, i.e. consumption of 4,000 households.