Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

Tulkarm Municipality, through various cooperation with national and international organizations, tries to supply better services to its inhabitants through the implementation of different development projects in the city:

The most important on-going projects are:
1-Rehabilitation of the old Tulkarm market center through an Arab Monetary Fund (AMF)- $1,700,000
2-Construction of Tulkarm's cultural center - phase one- Kuwaiti Arab Fund-$800,000
3-Extension of the structural plan through municipality fund
4-Construction of some internal roads in the city 800,000 $ through MDLF
5-And other small ongoing projects in the city

Energy Conditions / Challenges

Tulkarm Municipality buys the needed electricity from the Israeli company (AL Qotryah) since year 1976. The total power supply quantity is (24.5 MW) (650 A), while the total need at this time is (37 MW)(950 A).

Tulkarm’s electricity network is owned and managed by the municipality through a special department (Electricity Dept.) consisting of three engineers and around 50 technicians. They are responsible of the maintenance and development of the network according to the availability of financial means...

Around 19000 customers are connected to the network.The network stretches on a total length of around 250 Km, including different types of power capacity (Low Voltage & Medium Voltage) and around 115 Electrical transformer.

Tulkarm city is in high need for more power to be able to supply the needs of different commercial and residential customers and to help its development.