Name Of City/Municipality

Special delegation of Sfax





265 131 inhabitants (2004)
300000 inhabitants (2013)


7,545 km²

Name Of Mayor

Mabrouk Ksantini- President


Tel: 74229744

Main Features: Cultural Or Historic Status / Tourism Attractions / Natural Sites

Sfax is the second largest city of Tunisia, housing around 300000 Tunisians in general And the University of Sfax is better than the two of Tunis Sfax is a touristic place. There are some hotels and good restaurants too.
Sfax city walls are in a notably good condition, especially considering how much was destroyed by bombing during World War 2. Sfax’ modern town is largely made up of buildings from after World War 2, when these quarters were heavily bombarded. It has wide boulevards lined with trees and many green spaces.

Main Economic Activities (Industrial, Agriculture)

The main economic activities of Sfax are industries (phosphate processing), agriculture (olive and olive oil, nuts), fishing (largest fishing port in Tunisia) and trade (import-export). The city is often described as Tunisia's "second city" (after the capital Tunis)

Sustainable Development Challenges

Upgrade industry,
improve the transport sector
upgrade infrastructure
improvement of services rendered by the administration

Energy Conditions / Challenges

The city of Sfax depends predominantly on fossil energy.