Activities: How does CES-MED work?

CES-MED provides training and technical assistance to a selection of 2-3 Local Authorities in each beneficiary country in formulating and applying sustainable policies such as those implied by joining the Covenant of Mayors, as well as preparing Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). The project:
  • Provides direct expert assistance, training for Local Authorities and exchange of best practices to prepare comprehensive plans to solve pressing problems in renewable energy, energy efficiency, water and waste management, public transport and mobility, as well as sustainable urban planning.
  • Builds effective partnerships between National and Local Authorities toward sustainable development.
  • Organises regional networking events and seminars (e.g. Local Sustainable Policy Days).
  • Supports Local Authorities in the process of preparing and implementing sustainable development policies and assists them in joining the Covenant of Mayors.
  • Shares information and conducts awareness raising activities for cities and local populations (e.g. preparation of tailored-made materials on sustainable urban development.