What is CES-MED

The CES-MED project is funded under the EU’s European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and is in line with the desire to establish close bilateral ties with the Southern Partnership States. Accounted are not only the economic benefits of closer ties, but also the fact that the EU and its Member States cannot achieve their energy, immigration and environmental goals without cooperating with other countries, the neighbouring countries closest to the EU being of prime importance. The ENP can be described as the main driver for cooperation between the European Union and its neighbouring countries that form a ring around the Union. Those are countries from the Middle East and North Africa, also collectively referred to ENP-South. 

The ENP-South region

"Cleaner and Energy Saving - Mediterranean Cities" (CES-MED) project is an EU-funded initiative set up to provide training and technical assistance support to Local and National Authorities in the ENPI South region, with a view to help them respond more actively to sustainable policy challenges. 
This effort also involves raising the awareness of the local population with regard to local sustainable policies, knowledge-sharing, and building lasting partnerships between Local Authorities in the EU and in the ENPI South region.