Each of the 23 city, municipality and Governorate directly associated to CES-MED has been committed to preparing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Each comprehensive document includes the city’s Sustainable Strategy; the Baseline Emission Inventory of its CO2 emissions; Calculations of targeted CO2 reductions; Prescribed actions to reach this target, including well described actions in “Project Fiches”; as well as detailed related CAPP actions and measures.
So far, 18 SEAPs were prepared with direct support from CES-MED, as included in this section. Five more are under preparation for Egypt and Jordan.


The Community Awareness Promotional Planning (CAPP) Guidelines” propose a manual to be used by cities and municipalities in designing and implementing awareness raising actions, primarily related to adopting sustainable energy solution by municipalities and communities.

Info Kit and manuals

The CES-MED “Information Kit” was produced by the project as a self-help guide for municipalities in the ENPI-South region wishing to develop a sustainable energy policy.
This comprehensive Info Kit provides several relevant manuals and key guidelines to be used without restriction when developing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SEAP/SECAP).
It helps municipalities to understand the meaning and relevance of concepts and institutions related to the SEAPs, SECAPs and sustainable energy policy in general and more specifically, to help prepare a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan. It responds to their questions regarding their work not only in the preparation of action plans but eventually in their adherence to the CoM and the submissions of the SEAPs/SECAPs;
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CES-MED has produced a newsletter per each partner country to explain specific progress and news. The first ones attached, cover the early phases of our activities. Another similar publication will follow.

National Recommendation Reports

The objective of the ‘’Recommended National Sustainable Urban and Energy Savings Actions’’ reports is to identify a set of national level actions to help local authorities, in the formulation and implementation of sustainable energy policies and actions such as those formulated in SEAPs.
The ‘’Donors and other Funding Initiatives in the Areas of Sustainable Development at the Local Level’’ reports examines and analyses donors’ initiatives for sustainable development on local and municipal level. These reports can be particularly relevant to financing the preparation of detailed studies, as well as the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), both for long and short-term activities.