Success stories

In Egypt

KarmSolar is solar technology and integration company that delivers innovative solar solutions to the agricultural, industrial, tourism and business sectors. Since its founding in 2011, KarmSolar has been Egypt’s largest private off-grid solar energy integrator, with exceptional experience in developing its award winning high-capacity solar pumping stations, including the region’s largest off-grid Hybrid Pumping & Irrigation System (147 kW). KarmSolar also offers MW-scale off-grid solar energy stations and grid-connected utility-scale installations.

In Portugal and Egypt

STRIX is a leading consultancy providing environmental, social and sustainability consulting services. It supports its clients addressing and managing their sustainability challenges. STRIX delivers innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for its clients’ projects.

In Tunisia

TYER wind converter is a perfect illustration of Biomimicry, which is the practice of looking deeply into nature for solutions to engineering, design and other challenges. It is inspired from nature in order to better satisfy nature. The TYER design and its underlying kinematics reconcile outstanding technical performance with a high nature integration potential.

In Lebanon

Founded in 2011, E24 is the result of 20 years’ experience in the field of energy generation and conversion technology. Through extensive research & development, it has designed pioneer solutions that secure 24/7 uninterrupted clean electricity.

Its mission is to develop innovative & affordable energy solutions to enhance quality of life and preserve the planet. E24 offers a comprehensive range of turnkey energy storage and generation solutions easily integrated with any power source (solar, wind, utility, generator).

In Palestine

Msader is one of the leading companies in Palestine in the field of Solar Energy production, with 42% of market share, it was stablished in 2010. Its aim is to generate clean energy for better future, it promises to make Palestine more green and smart country. Msader specializes in the design and installation of solar energy systems in Palestine, it's also an authorized dealer for the top one inverters in Germany KACO, and top one rated PV panels Trina. Its mission is to provide efficient, sustainable, and reliable green energy for Palestine, and to lower the demand of electrical energy on the grid, taking projects from concept through construction, operation and maintenance. 

The AMIDOUL Foundation in Ghardaîa and The Tafilelt Tejdit Park initiative

Park Tafilelt Tejdit (eco-city) in the Sahara is the first ecological city in the Algerian desert.
It is a green belt that was created in the form of a park of greenery, in a surrounding rocky area. This park allows a constant communion of the citizen with his natural environment while involving him in a participative momentum. This structure will revolve around a botanical garden, which will initiate and highlight several concepts such as the respect for nature, the ecological awareness, a solidarity and conviviality.

Working Together on Energy

The "Working Together on Energy" series, is an educational material which had been initiated and financed by the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Education, and developed by Tel Aviv University

It deals with Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency and is intended to change thought and behavioural patterns regarding the energy consumption on a level where students can create an impact as citizens according to their personal capabilities: reducing energy consumption in school, at home and in the community. The reduction of energy consumption will be take effect in terms of efficient energy use and adopting energy saving behaviour. This is being achieved while enhancing the scientific / technological / environmental knowledge of utilizing consumable and renewable energy sources (advantages and disadvantages), efficient energy use of machines / tools / appliances and buildings (home and school). The series is designated for students in first to ninth grade.